Voorhees Town Center

Voorhees Town Center is a vibrant and dynamic destination that effortlessly mixes dining, shopping, entertainment, and a sense of community. It is located in the center of Voorhees Township, New Jersey. Voorhees Town Center has established itself as a cherished landmark of the neighborhood thanks to its extensive history, wide variety of shops and eateries, and dedication to fostering a friendly atmosphere. We’ll go deeper into what makes Voorhees Town Center unique in this piece.

Historical Considerations

This region has a lengthy history prior to becoming known as Voorhees Town Center. The Echelon Mall, one of the first covered shopping malls in the area when it opened in 1970, once stood on the property. The mall saw a number of changes over the years, but by the early 2000s, it need redevelopment.

The mall had a significant redevelopment effort in 2006, which resulted in its rebirth as Voorhees Town Center. The renovation intended to maintain the site’s historical elements while transforming it into a more contemporary and communal area. The center now combines modern architecture with an homage to its past to create a distinctive and warm environment.

Shopping aplenty

Voorhees Town Center is a shopper’s delight thanks to its wide variety of stores. You’re likely to find it here whether you’re shopping for designer clothing, high-end technology, stylish home décor, or one-of-a-kind presents. The department stores, boutiques, and specialty shops at Voorhees Town Center are just a few of the well-liked retailers there.

The mixture of national brands and local companies is one of the center’s distinguishing characteristics. Along with browsing well-known chain stores, you may also find quaint boutiques and specialty stores that sell one-of-a-kind goods. This combination enables customers to benefit from the convenience of well-known businesses while also encouraging local business owners.

Yummy Dining Options

With a variety of food options, Voorhees Town Center has you covered when hunger strikes. You may find a restaurant to sate your cravings whether you’re in the need for a fast snack, a family-friendly meal, or a fancy dining experience.

The eating options in the area include everything from traditional American fare to Italian and Mexican cuisine. Since many of the eateries have outdoor seating, the warmer months offer a wonderful setting for al fresco dining. Voorhees Town Center offers eating options for any occasion, whether it’s a fun lunch with friends or a special night for two.

Events and Entertainment

Voorhees Town Center serves as a focus for entertainment and neighborhood interaction in addition to being a location to shop and eat. The center organizes a variety of events and activities for locals and guests of all ages during the course of the year.

You can attend outdoor performances and have movie nights beneath the stars during the summer. Families, friends, and neighbors all have the chance to connect during these occasions and strengthen their bonds. The center also frequently plans seasonal festivals and art exhibitions that highlight local talent and innovation.

Voorhees Town Center provides wellness activities and fitness classes for those who are active. These programs promote physical and emotional well-being, whether you want to work out in a yoga class or learn about healthy living.

A Feeling of Belonging

The strong sense of community fostered by Voorhees Town Center is one of its most noteworthy features. The center regularly works with neighborhood nonprofits and organizations to assist a range of charity causes. The center is committed to giving back to the neighborhood it calls home, whether it be through food drives, blood drives, or school fundraisers.

Additionally, Voorhees Town Center frequently conducts community meetings and events, giving locals a place to join together to talk about challenges in the area, celebrate successes, and forge stronger ties among neighbors. Due to its dedication to fostering community involvement, the center has become a beloved gathering spot for people living in Voorhees Township.


More than just a mall, Voorhees Town Center is a dynamic community center that captures the essence of Voorhees Township. The center has established itself as a favorite hangout for residents and a warm destination for tourists because to its extensive history, a variety of culinary and shopping options, and a dedication to presenting activities that foster community.

Voorhees Town Center provides a distinct and warm experience, whether you’re browsing its shops, eating a tasty meal, taking in live entertainment, or taking part in a community event. Therefore, whether you live in Voorhees Township or are just visiting, make time to explore and take advantage of all that Voorhees Town Center has to offer. It serves as a tribute to the strength of redevelopment and local pride, making it a location that stands out in the center of New Jersey.

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