Thundering Surf Water Park

Thundering Surf Water Park is a thrilling aquatic oasis that has been luring families and thrill-seekers to its shores for years. It is tucked away in the center of Manahawkin, New Jersey. This water park provides a cool and exhilarating escape from the summer heat with its thrilling water slides, lazy river, and wave pool. Discover why Thundering Surf Water Park is a must-visit location for aquatic adventure by diving into its world.

A Jersey Shore Tradition

Since opening in the late 1970s, Thundering Surf Water Park has become a cherished tradition on the Jersey Shore. It has grown and changed over time, turning into a popular summertime destination for both locals and tourists. This water park is proof of the enduring allure of aquatic adventures and summertime fun.

Thrills and Chills

The thrilling selection of water attractions at Thundering Surf Water Park is one of its best features. There is something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of your preference for a thrilling or more sedate water experience.

  1. FlowRider: You can ride waves without access to the ocean. For surf enthusiasts and beginners alike, the FlowRider simulates the excitement of surfing on a never-ending wave and offers a challenging yet incredibly fun experience.
  2. The Mondo: The Mondo is a thrilling, high-speed water slide for those looking for an adrenaline rush. This slide will undoubtedly send your heart racing as you descend to the splash pool below because of its twists, turns, and drops.
  3. Aqualoop: Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure that defies gravity. Riders are enclosed in a clear capsule as they experience a nearly vertical drop and a complete loop. Not for those who are weak of heart!
  4. Lazy River: The Lazy River is the ideal place to relax if you prefer a slower pace. Grab a tube that you can inflate, and float leisurely along the waterway while admiring the scenery and soaking up the sun.
  5. FlowHouse: The FlowHouse offers a special fusion of excitement and relaxation. In this pool area, you can take a leisurely dip while admiring the tricks performed by skilled FlowRider riders.
  6. Thundering Surf Water Park for Kids: Small children have a special area with miniature slides and shallow pools, making it possible for families with children of all ages to enjoy a day of water fun.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

The dedication of Thundering Surf Water Park to fostering a family-friendly environment is what makes it stand out. In order to ensure that all visitors have a safe and enjoyable time, trained lifeguards are on duty. The park’s amenities and layout were created with families in mind, making it the perfect place for families to connect over shared adventures.

PSpecial Events and Packages

Throughout the season, Thundering Surf Water Park frequently holds special occasions, promotions, and themed days. The excitement of your visit is increased by these activities. There’s always something entertaining going on at the park, whether it’s a “Dive-In Movie” night, a beach-themed party, or reduced admission days.

The park also provides different ticket bundles and season passes so that visitors can select the one that best suits their needs. Thundering Surf Water Park is an affordable and practical way to stay cool and entertained during the hottest months of the year because season passes grant unlimited access all summer long.

Food and Refreshments

It can work up quite an appetite exploring Thundering Surf Water Park, but the park has food options. Snack stands, ice cream parlors, and covered picnic areas are just a few of the food and drink options available. There are numerous options available to satiate your cravings, whether you’re in the mood for a tasty drink, a quick snack, or a substantial meal.

Birthday Parties and Group Events

Looking for a distinctive location to host a group event or celebrate a birthday? Birthday parties, business outings, and other types of group gatherings can take advantage of special packages at Thundering Surf Water Park. It’s an unforgettable experience to celebrate your special day with friends and family while being surrounded by the thrill of water slides and wave pools.

Staying Safe and Hygienic

Safety and cleanliness are top priorities in the modern world. All visitors will find a clean and secure environment at Thundering Surf Water Park. To give visitors a worry-free experience, the park follows strict cleaning procedures, makes sure hand sanitizing stations are available, and takes steps to distance itself socially.


In Manahawkin, New Jersey, Thundering Surf Water Park presents an unrivaled aquatic adventure that combines thrills, relaxation, and family-friendly fun. This water park guarantees a memorable day of summer excitement whether you’re whizzing down fast slides, taking a leisurely float down the river, or just relaxing and soaking up the sun.

As a beloved Jersey Shore tradition, Thundering Surf Water Park still offers a cool respite from the heat and a location where friends, families, and other gatherings can make lifelong memories. So, if you’re looking for an aquatic adventure while the summer sun is baking you, head to Thundering Surf Water Park and plunge into a day filled with splashes, grins, and unforgettable experiences.

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