Laurel Acres Park

Laurel Acres Park, located in the center of Voorhees Township, New Jersey, is a shining example of how nature can coexist peacefully with the city. This vast 76-acre park, which offers a variety of recreational opportunities and stunning scenery, has long been a beloved haven for locals and tourists alike. In this post, we’ll take you on a tour of this undiscovered gem and examine its background, features, and benefits for both families and environment enthusiasts.

Historical Considerations

The history of Laurel Acres Park dates back to the late 19th century. The Evesham family, notable local landowners, had owned it as a working farm in the past. A local businessman and philanthropist named John H. Voorhees bought the property in the early 1900s. Voorhees had the idea to protect this lovely area of land so that future generations could enjoy it.

The township bought the land in 1966 and started converting it into the park that is now there. The park’s natural beauty was preserved thanks to thoughtful design and development, which also provided the neighborhood with a variety of amenities. Since its official opening to the public in 1970, Laurel Acres Park has become a well-liked vacation spot.

Beauties of Nature

The park’s gorgeous lake, which covers about 25 acres, is one of its most remarkable attractions. The lake is surrounded by rich vegetation, making it the ideal location for a calm afternoon of birdwatching or a leisurely stroll. This lake provides a haven for a variety of birds, including Canada geese, mallards, and other species.

Laurel Acres Park provides a network of hiking and bike routes that run through the woods and meadows for those who prefer a more active outdoor experience. These pathways provide you the chance to workout while being surrounded by the peace of nature.

The park’s vast tree canopy offers plenty of shade in the summer, making it a great area for a picnic with the family or a peaceful place to read a book. You are surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature, which creates a tranquil setting that feels far from the busy metropolis.

Imaginative Activities

Laurel Acres Park is a centre of recreational activity rather than merely a location for relaxing. The numerous sports fields and courts dotted throughout the park are available to athletes. There is something here for everyone, whether you enjoy basketball, tennis, baseball, or soccer.

Family groups with kids are drawn to the playground area. It has contemporary play structures that keep youngsters entertained for hours, and neighboring picnic tables give a convenient place for parents to unwind and keep an eye on things.

Owners of dogs will value the special off-leash dog park area where their pets may interact and let off some steam. The playground equipment is accessible, demonstrating the park’s commitment to inclusivity and allowing everyone, regardless of ability, to fully enjoy the space.

Community and Events

Laurel Acres Park serves as a thriving center for neighborhood events in addition to being a place for daily enjoyment. The park holds a number of festivals, concerts, and cultural events all year long that unite the neighborhood. The park regularly hosts events, such as seasonal craft fairs and outdoor concerts in the summer.

The Laurel Acres Park’s yearly Voorhees Township Independence Day celebration is one of the most well-known activities there. Families assemble for a day of carnival rides, live music, food stands, and, of course, a spectacular fireworks display that illuminates the night sky. Residents from the entire region come to participate in this beloved ritual.

Maintenance and Sustainability

In addition to being a site for relaxation, Laurel Acres Park serves as a symbol of Voorhees Township’s dedication to environmental care. With programs like native plantings, the preservation of wildlife habitats, and water conservation efforts, the park’s maintenance techniques place a high priority on sustainability.

The park has implemented energy-efficient lighting and waste reduction efforts in recent years to lessen its impact on the environment. These actions show how committed the township is to protecting Laurel Acres Park’s natural beauty for upcoming generations.


A hidden gem in Voorhees Township, New Jersey, Laurel Acres Park provides an exceptional fusion of outdoor enjoyment and scenic beauty. It is a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike because to its rich history, variety of amenities, and dedication to the community. Laurel Acres Park has something special to offer everyone, whether you’re looking for an enjoyable day with family and friends or a tranquil getaway into nature. Visit this beautiful park to experience the peace and energy it brings to Voorhees Township’s center.

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