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The effects of an unattractive smile may ripple through your life. Fortunately, a growing range of options enables anyone to enjoy a stunning new smile. Our doctor’s passion for enhancing smiles brings you the best in modern dentistry! Read below to find out how our Clementon, NJ office can bring beauty to your smile!

Crowns & Veneers

Modern dentistry offers more options than ever to help you restore and maintain an optimal level of health and aesthetics. While the strength and beauty of materials continue to advance, the skill of the practitioner makes a significant difference as well. Our expert doctors use the latest techniques, bringing even the most damaged mouths back to their former glory!

Sometimes teeth are damaged because of cavities, heavy bite forces, or trauma. If a root canal is needed to salvage a compromised nerve, the tooth may be especially fragile. Dental crowns allow these teeth to be rebuilt and covered with materials that mimic natural forms. Not only are most “capped” teeth indistinguishable from natural teeth, but they’re also extremely secure and comfortable.

  • Crowns can be crafted to repair a single tooth, multiple teeth, or in conjunction with dental implants to fill a space. In fact, when missing teeth enter the equation, special consideration might be given to placing a dental bridge or implants.
  • Veneers are the ultimate combination of dental art and science, handcrafted and customized to fit your smile. These paper-thin pieces of porcelain bond to the outside of your natural teeth. But just because they’re thin, don’t be fooled—veneers are highly versatile and can replicate all the complex nuances of a natural tooth.

Composite Fillings

Cavities and small fractures can cause much larger issues if left untreated. In the past, metal restorations called amalgam fillings (or silver fillings) served a need but left many teeth discolored and strained from the wedging effect of the metal. Today, tooth-colored composite resins are available to blend into the tooth structure and become chemically bonded to the tooth—providing a strong, permanent restoration.

Composites serve both functional and aesthetic roles, often at the same time. For example, a cavity invading the front of a tooth along the gum line may be visible in your smile line. By gently cleaning out the soft, discolored area and replacing it with a tooth-colored filling, the tooth is restored and looks better than ever.

Composites contain a mix of liquid resin embedded with finely ground glass particles. 

  • After being molded to the prepared tooth structure, a blue light applied directly to the composite hardens the filling material within seconds. 
  • Once it’s shaped and polished to a high shine, the restoration is complete.

Gum Contouring

Many factors come together to create a perfect smile. Healthy pink gums form a stark contrast to white teeth, framing the tooth’s natural beauty. Sometimes one small area of gum can detract from an otherwise pleasant smile. The scalloped flow may be uneven, or a thick area may protrude unnaturally, causing a visual distraction.

Just as a piece of art benefits from reframing, gums can be contoured to complement the smile. Fortunately, laser technology often makes this procedure quick, painless, and remarkably effective. The results can be seen immediately, and after a few days of healing, your gums look perfectly natural. 

In some cases, more extensive contouring may be discussed. Our doctors evaluate many factors before deciding which approach will give you the most beautiful smile!

Dental Arts Group believes that every patient deserves a smile they can take pride in! If you’re feeling insecure about your smile, let us help. We offer safe, dependable, and quick services that can truly transform the way you see yourself in the mirror. Get started today and trust us to give you the smile you’ve always wanted!

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