Restorative Dentistry

Restoring a patient’s smile is easy with today’s advances in cosmetic dentistry. Whether patients have had bad oral hygiene routines in the past or were born with problem teeth, our team is able to offer a wide variety of services in order to address a number of conditions and issues that patients may complain about. Restorative dentistry does not just improve functionality of the teeth or help patients avoid pain. With restorative dentistry, improving the look of the smile is just as important. There are a variety of procedures and services offered that focus on the aspect of restoring a patient’s smile.

Dental Fillings

Almost everyone has had to deal with cavities at some time in their life. Children, in particular, are prone to cavities due to their sweet tooth and poor oral hygiene habits. If you do get one or more cavities, dental fillings treatment can repair the damage and keep the infection from spreading. At Dental Arts Group, our team uses composite fillings for cavity and tooth decay treatment. Prompt treatment with tooth-colored restorations can preserve the health and beauty of your smile long-term.

Dangers Of Tooth Decay

Although tooth decay can be prevented, it’s still a major problem in society today. Even small cavities can cause extensive damage to your teeth. Undetected decay will only grow worse with time, putting your whole mouth at risk. As cavities grow, they eat away at your tooth enamel and threaten to damage your tooth’s blood vessels and nerves, which can kill your tooth. Cavities can cause painful chewing, chronic bad breath and eventually could lead to tooth loss.

Treating cavities early will put a stop to decay and restore your oral health. Your doctor will remove the decay and repair your tooth with a tooth-colored restoration to protect it from future infection. Composite fillings restore the health and function of decayed teeth and protect healthy teeth from infection.

Root Canal Therapy

When dentists recommend root canal treatment, aka endodontic therapy, it’s generally to deal with an oral infection that’s damaged the pulp of your tooth. The pulp contains your tooth’s blood vessels and nerves. Damage to the pulp of your tooth can threaten its blood supply, which can lead to your tooth dying and needing to be extracted. Endodontic therapy helps repair and restore infected teeth to save them from extraction. You can obtain root canal treatment at Dental Arts Group in Philadelphia, PA.

The Root Canal Procedure  

Tooth pain, painful chewing, and swollen, tender gums are common symptoms of an oral infection. A dental evaluation by our experienced team can determine if your condition warrants root canal therapy. Root canals are performed under anesthesia to avoid pain and discomfort during treatment.

Root canal therapy entails tooth nerve removal in order to save your tooth. After numbing your tooth, your doctor will gain access to and remove the diseased pulp along with infected blood vessels, tissues and nerves. Then, the tooth chamber will be cleaned and disinfected, as well as the canals to keep the infection from contaminating healthy teeth or spreading to other parts of your body. Once your tooth is cleansed, we’ll seal it with a special filling to protect it from future decay. Lastly, we’ll cover your tooth with a dental crown to support its weakened structure and restore your tooth’s usefulness.

Long-Term Benefits of Endodontic Therapy

Endodontic therapy has a high success rate in treating and restoring infected teeth, making it a worthwhile investment. The procedure:

  • Eliminates oral infections to keep them from spreading
  • Preserves your smile by saving your tooth from extraction
  • Restores the health and function of your infected tooth
  • Fortifies your compromised tooth with a dental crown to keep its structure intact 
  • Offers a practical, cost-effective means of restoring infected teeth

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Restoring a missing tooth or several teeth is essential for many reasons. Of course, appearance is the most apparent reason, as missing teeth are seen as unattractive. However, missing teeth can also damage your healthy teeth and leave you more suitable for infections like gum disease. Plus, the gap they create alters the shape of your jawline and can age your face significantly. This is why it’s essential to take care of missing teeth right away. At Dental Arts Group, our talented team are experts at restoring damaged teeth using dental bridgework and crowns.

A dental crown is a false tooth or “pontic,” which can be a part of a dental bridge, implant, or dentures. A dental bridge is one or more pontics that replace missing teeth using either adjacent healthy teeth as abutments or dental implants to remain secured in your dental arch.

The abutment teeth hold the bridge in place using unique clasps, while implant-supported bridges are connected by two or more implants that support three or more connected dental crowns. For example, you can have two crowns supported by implants, connected to a single crown in the middle that’s not supported by an implant.

While crowns can be made of different materials, the most commonly used is porcelain. However, there are other materials, such as resin, ceramics, and metal (gold, nickel, or platinum). Interestingly, gold is considered one of the most durable materials despite its reputation as a “soft metal.”

Unlike porcelain crowns, a metal crown can’t crack. However, most people prefer the natural look of porcelain. There are also porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns which are more potent than ceramic and resin due to their metal core. While they are not as durable as all metals, they balance the strength of metal crowns with the aesthetic appeal of porcelain.


At Dental Arts Group, we are proud to offer our patients a myriad of general, preventative, and cosmetic dentistry services to those in and around the area of Philadelphia, PA. Our state-of-the-art practice focuses on helping patients achieve healthier, more beautiful smiles with affordable dental work. When patients are struggling with tooth loss from trauma, extraction, aging, or disease, our team connects with these individuals to suggest quality restorations which can help in repairing their smile, including dentures.

Dentures are an economical, removable solution to replacing missing teeth. They are often suggested for patients who want an easy way of repairing their smile’s beauty and function, or for those who want a short-term solution while deciding on other options such as bridges and dental implants. Our office provides both full and partial dentures, depending on the patient’s situation. Full dentures are used to replace a whole arch of teeth, while partials replace just one or more within the upper or lower arch. Both are fabricated with high quality materials by a laboratory with great attention to detail. We ensure dentures look as natural as the rest of the smile, and blend in seamlessly with the current appearance. We match colors, the shape of the teeth, and the size of the teeth for a great look!

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