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A beautiful smile is one of the greatest benefits of undergoing orthodontic treatment. If you struggle with an unsightly smile due to crooked, misaligned, overcrowded, or uneven teeth, orthodontics can give you the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of. But orthodontic treatments from Dental Arts Group in Philadelphia, PA can go even further. Orthodontics can improve your oral health and tooth functionality so your smile can be as healthy as it looks.

Problems Orthodontics Can Fix

Through orthodontic treatment, our team can resolve a wide range of orthodontic issues ranging from tooth misalignment to:

  • Unsightly gaps between your teeth
  • Twisted or uneven teeth
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Crossbites, underbites, and overbites
  • Tooth overcrowding

In the past, traditional metal braces were the go-to treatment for straightening crooked teeth and are still used to some degree today. Clear orthodontic aligners can get the job done discreetly if you want to straighten teeth without braces. Both options can provide you with perfect teeth alignment upon completion of your treatment.

Are you constantly catching yourself feeling insecure about that crooked tooth that interferes with your perfect smile? Then clear aligners might just be the right solution for you!

Benefits Of Orthodontics

A perfectly-aligned, beautiful smile is what most people desire from orthodontics and that’s one of the greatest benefits of this treatment. Along with that comes a dramatic improvement in your appearance to boost your confidence and self-image. Feeling better about yourself can give you a better outlook for your future.

Orthodontics also offers the following oral health benefits:

  • Greater ease in cleaning and caring for your teeth, resulting in healthier gums and teeth
  • Fewer dental problems due to improved dental hygiene, which can lower your dental bills
  • Improved tooth functionality for chewing and grinding food so you can enjoy a wholesome diet
  • Better jaw alignment to avoid problems with TMJ disorders
  • Less wear and tear on your teeth
  • Fewer bite issues to eliminate painful chewing

Six Month Smiles

Whether you want to prepare your smile for a special event such as your wedding or school reunion, or just want to take it upon yourself to improve the way your smile looks, our team offers a number of orthodontic treatments that are both fast and effective. One such treatment includes Six Month Smiles.

Similar to traditional orthodontics, Six Month Smiles uses brackets and wires to adjust teeth into more proper alignment. However, these brackets and wires are tooth-colored, white, and clear in order to be less noticeable when a patient smiles, talks, and laughs as they’re undergoing treatment. Additionally, Six Month Smiles focuses on the teeth that show in your smile. It is not used to realign bites, so it is faster due to the fact that it is a technique aimed at treating the cosmetic zone in adult smiles.

Six Month Smiles can be used to cosmetically change the appearance of a smile. At Dental Arts Group, we utilize Six Month Smiles to focus on the cosmetics of the anterior teeth. Teeth that are crowded, rotated, or overlapping can be moved to more desirable positioning, and teeth with gaps and spaces can be brought together to improve the look of the smile. Treatment time averages out at about six months, hence the name of the treatment itself!

Many adults enjoy Six Month Smiles. It is faster than Invisalign, and often very affordable in comparison to other treatment alternatives. Adults who have always wanted to change their smile, or whose parents were unable to afford them the opportunity to get their teeth straightened as children, will often benefit from Six Month Smiles. Now that the adults are responsible for themselves and are concerned about the appearance of their smile, they will take it upon themselves to undergo treatment. Thanks to the short treatment time, patients are often not concerned about wearing the orthodontia as it is not obtrusive or highly visible as conventional braces. The negative associations with traditional braces are not a problem when it comes to Six Month Smiles, or other “clear alternatives” such as Invisalign orthodontics.

If you want to learn more about Six Month Smiles or Invisalign in Philadelphia, PA, contact our team today and find out how non-traditional orthodontic options can improve and transform your smile into something you can be proud of!

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