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The Implant Process

To ensure that the full process runs smoothly, a patient must follow a certain protocol on their journey to receive dental implants. As part of our process in Morganville, NJ, we consider how an implant might help the patient, as well as what pretreatment requirements might be required in order to ensure a successful outcome. This process is as follows:

Starting with a consultation between the patient and doctor, the journey towards a new smile begins. A consultation offers the opportunity to ask questions and to develop a plan that addresses the specific needs of the patient.

If it is discovered that the patient requires treatment, this must first be completed. Problems like gum disease, poor bone density, untreated injuries, or severely decayed teeth are all treatable and this step must be taken to ensure the patient is in the best condition prior to placement surgery.

After determining the mouth is healthy enough, the placement procedure will take place. The doctor first creates a small incision above the implant placement area. Through this opening, a titanium post will be inserted and anchored to the jawbone. The incision site will then be closed and left to heal for between three and six months.

After having enough time to integrate with the supporting bone structure, the implant post should be stable enough to place an abutment. An abutment acts as the connecting piece between the implant post and dental crown, connecting the entire appliance together. 

Based on the patient and doctor’s consultation, a customized crown is built to match the patient’s preference for color, size, and shape. Once the crown is cemented or screwed into place, the patient will enjoy a strong, healthy, and appealing smile for a lifetime.

Improved function
Phenomenal appearance
Easy maintenance

Are Dental Implants Right For You?

Dental implants are truly a marvel of modern dentistry, coming as close as possible to truly replacing a natural tooth. With numerous benefits offered by this procedure, it’s hard to say that there could be anything better; however, implants aren’t the right choice for everyone. Are they right for you?

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What Others Are Saying

The best dental care I have ever experienced! The professionalism and friendliness of the whole team is outstanding. I’ve been going with them for several complicated tooth implants and then for keeping up and cleaning. Every visit is like visiting friends. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I would highly recommend Dental Arts Group to anyone!!!

Robert S.

The doctor is a phenomenal dentist. She is very thorough with her examinations and talks you through all the procedures. The office team is so friendly and so accommodating. I am beyond grateful for being patient at this office.

Michelle R.

Going to Dental Arts Group in Manalapan is an outstanding experience. Whatever services I need have been met with expertise. Scheduling is efficient and the room where I just received a crown has a calming effect that is amazing. I don’t ever stress about going to visit this dental office.

Barbara M.

Best dental practice I have ever been to. They are kind, gentle, honest, and professional. Had an emergency and they took me right away. They do beautiful work! Been going here for over a year and I’m happy I found this place! Cheers!

Scott Z.

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