Duffield’s Farm Market

A symbol of the ongoing spirit of family agriculture and community, Duffield’s Farm Market is located in the center of Sewell, New Jersey. This beloved icon in the area has been providing South Jersey with fresh food and a variety of farm-fresh pleasures for years. Duffield’s Farm Market is a location where tradition and innovation coexist peacefully thanks to its long history, dedication to sustainability, and dedication to providing the best of the farm to its consumers.

A Snippet of History

Since its establishment in 1936, Duffield’s Farm Market has served as a pillar of the Sewell community. This family-run farm market was established by George Duffield Sr. and has survived the test of time by upholding the ideals of toil, devotion, and a deep regard for the land. George Duffield Jr. and his family are still carrying the torch today, making sure the heritage endures.

Experience Farm-to-Table

The consistent dedication of Duffield’s Farm Market to offering its clients the finest food and goods is what distinguishes it from competitors. Their “farm-to-table” philosophy is a way of life rather than merely a fashion statement. They grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables on their acres of verdant farmland, including the famous Jersey tomatoes, sweet corn, and blueberries. From seed to harvest, each item is carefully tended, producing produce that is bursting with flavor and nutritious content.

The pick-your-own option is one of the farm’s unique offerings. Pick your own delicious strawberries, pumpkins, and other seasonal treats as you meander around the fields. It’s a practical approach to understand the work that goes into creating the food we consume and establish a connection with the land.

Community Participation

More than just a location to buy fresh vegetables, Duffield’s Farm Market serves as the center of the neighborhood. They hold a variety of activities all year long, such as Christmas tree sales and Easter egg hunts, as well as fall festivals featuring hayrides and corn mazes. These occasions bring families together, fostering the development of cherished memories and cementing ties within the neighborhood.

Duffield’s is also dedicated to education. Students can learn about agriculture, sustainability, and the value of assisting local farmers on their school trips, which they offer. They make sure that the appreciation for farm-fresh food and sustainable farming practices keeps growing through interacting with the next generation.

Stewardship of the environment and sustainability

In a time when environmental responsibility is crucial, Duffield’s Farm Market is a brilliant illustration of ethical farming. They place a high value on eco-friendly measures like using natural fertilizers and using fewer toxic pesticides. The farm is also a proud participant in the Jersey Fresh initiative, which encourages consumers to buy locally produced food in order to cut down on carbon emissions caused by long-distance shipping.

Their dedication to sustainability goes beyond their farming methods. In order to reduce their carbon footprint, Duffield’s Farm Market has implemented energy-efficient technology and procedures like solar panels and effective watering systems. They are aware that generating high-quality food requires a healthy earth.

How the Farm Market Works

It’s like entering a world of gastronomic wonders when you enter Duffield’s Farm Market. Their market offers a wide range of fresh vegetables, home-baked items, and gourmet goods that are wherever feasible sourced locally. The market is a treasure mine for food lovers, offering everything from pies and jellies to honey and cheeses.

Their apple cider doughnuts are one of their highlight products. These delicious delicacies, which are made everyday from scratch, have developed a cult following among both locals and tourists. For a truly memorable taste of fall, pair one with a cup of their famous apple cider.

Promoting Regional Artisans

Supporting regional craftsmen and small businesses is something that Duffield’s Farm Market is proud of. They have a wide selection of handcrafted items and one-of-a-kind presents on their shelves. They encourage a sense of community and support for the arts by highlighting the skills of the neighborhood.


Duffield’s Farm Market is a treasured institution that represents the spirit of community, sustainability, and tradition. It is more than just a place to buy fresh food. Duffield’s is a tribute to the ongoing strength of family-owned agriculture thanks to its strong roots in Sewell, New Jersey, and its constant dedication to offering the best farm-fresh items. Duffield’s Farm Market is a place that captures the spirit of South Jersey living, whether you’re looking for the greatest local cuisine, the freshest produce, or a fun family adventure.

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