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Sewell, a little town in Gloucester County, New Jersey, has a huge taste for fine food despite its size. Sewell has developed into a center for neighborhood restaurants that provide a wide variety of tastes and experiences as a result of its rich history and diversified community. We’ll take you on a culinary tour of some of Sewell’s top restaurants in this post, each with its own distinctive character and menu.

Tavro 13: Where Style and Flavor Collide

Tavro 13 is the place to go if you want a sophisticated dining experience with a wide-ranging menu. This upmarket restaurant, housed in a beautifully renovated carriage house, serves a fusion of American and Mediterranean food. Tavro 13 guarantees a fantastic evening packed with great flavors and impeccable service, whether you’re enjoying one of their mouthwatering wood-fired pizzas or indulging in a gourmet steak.

Italian tradition at its best at Marino’s

In Sewell, Marino’s Italian Restaurant has long been a cherished institution. Italian classics are served in this family-run treasure, which dates back several generations. Every meal at Marino’s pays homage to the culinary legacy of Italy, from substantial pasta dishes to delectable seafood delights. Remember to reserve room for their handcrafted desserts, especially the tiramisu!

A Delicious Slice of Heaven: Liscio’s Bakery

Without a visit to Liscio’s Bakery, no culinary tour of Sewell would be complete. For more than a century, this neighborhood landmark has offered freshly baked bread, pastries, and cakes. Liscio’s dedication to quality and tradition is evident in every bite, whether you’re grabbing a warm loaf of Italian bread or a specially adorned cake for a special occasion.

A Pub with Panache, Ott’s on the Green

Ott’s on the Green is the place to go if you want a more laid-back setting with live music and sports on the side. This bar, which is situated at the picturesque Pitman Golf Course, serves a variety of pub food, such as burgers, wings, and sandwiches. The sizable outside terrace is ideal for dining al fresco and admiring the stunning views of the golf course.

The Cozy Diner Experience with Blueplate

Sewell’s version of the traditional American restaurant is called Blueplate. It is a popular among locals for breakfast, brunch, and lunch thanks to its retro decor and helpful personnel. Whether you’re in the mood for a hefty omelet or a traditional stack of pancakes, Blueplate offers a nostalgic twist on the warm flavors of home-cooked food.

A Fiesta of Flavors on May 5

Cinco de Mayo is the place to go in Sewell if you’re in the mood for Mexican food. Tacos, enchiladas, and fajitas are just a few of the popular Mexican dishes on the menu at this lively restaurant. It’s a fantastic option for festivities as well as casual eating because of the vibrant decor and boisterous environment.

Happy Hour at Harry’s Pub: Local Beers

Harry’s Pub is a must-go to if you like artisan beer and a laid-back pub environment. This neighborhood bar has a wide variety of craft beers on tap, many of which come from New Jersey breweries. You’re going to have a great time if you enjoy your beer and one of their delectable pub foods.

Amici Restaurant: Italian Cuisine

Amici Ristorante, another hidden Italian treasure in Sewell, provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for a genuine Italian dining experience. The scrumptious menu items, from pasta to seafood, are wonderfully complemented by their large wine selection, making it a go-to place for special events and romantic meals.


Despite being a small town, Sewell, New Jersey, has a tremendous desire for excellent cuisine and dining establishments. Sewell has something to suit every pallet, whether you’re in the mood for fine dining, traditional Italian meals, freshly baked bread, pub food, Mexican spices, or craft beer. These neighborhood eateries not only serve delectable food but also showcase the many culinary customs and welcoming atmosphere that make Sewell a secret culinary jewel in Gloucester County. As a result, the next time you visit this quaint town, be sure to check out its thriving food scene and enjoy the local cuisine.

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