Emery’s Blueberry Farm

There is a delightful haven for blueberry lovers and anyone looking for the simple pleasures of nature in the charming town of New Egypt, New Jersey. Emery’s Blueberry Farm, a family-run business with a long history dating back to the 1950s, gives visitors the chance to enjoy the fun of berry-picking, indulge in the flavor of recently harvested blueberries, and take in the rustic beauty of the surrounding landscape.

The Blueberry Oasis

Emery’s Blueberry Farm is evidence of the blueberry picking’s enduring appeal as a beloved summer activity for both families and individuals. The farm’s expansive blueberry fields, which encircle picturesque landscapes, make the ideal scenery for an outdoor adventure and a day of berry-filled treats.

A Rich History of Farming

Agriculture and family customs have played a significant role in the farm’s history. The Emery family founded it after starting to grow blueberries in the 1950s. Their dedication to producing high-quality berries over the years has made the farm into a sought-after destination for blueberry fans and a representation of neighborhood pride.

The Emery family has carried on the farm’s tradition even today, maintaining its rural charm and inviting guests from near and far to enjoy the joy of blueberry picking.

The Art of Blueberry Picking

Visitors to Emery’s Blueberry Farm have the opportunity to go on a blueberry picking adventure where they can get in touch with nature and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Pickers can saunter through the fields, plucking plump, ripe blueberries straight from the bushes, armed with baskets or containers the farm provides.

Picking blueberries is a fun activity that stimulates the senses. Fresh berry aroma permeates the air, and the vivid blue orbs against the background of luxuriant green leaves are a visual feast. Picking a ripe blueberry straight from the bush and tasting its sweetness brings an undeniable sense of satisfaction.

The Taste of Freshness

The chance to savor the unrivaled flavor of freshly picked berries is one of the most satisfying aspects of blueberry picking at Emery’s. When compared to blueberries that are picked fresh from the farm, store-bought blueberries are noticeably different. The latter, which can only be enjoyed when berries are at their peak of ripeness, bursts with flavor, sweetness, and juiciness.

The sweetness and tanginess of the berries, as well as the natural goodness that nature offers, are encouraged for visitors to sample as they go. In order to let visitors take a taste of their experience home with them, the farm also sells a variety of blueberry-based goods, such as jams, pies, and blueberry ice cream.

amily-Friendly Fun

Emery’s Blueberry Farm is more than just a place to pick berries; it’s a place where families can spend quality time together and make lifelong memories. Berry picking is especially enjoyable for kids because they get to experience the thrill of finding the biggest and ripest berries concealed among the leaves.

Family-friendly amenities on the farm include picnic areas where visitors can unwind while taking in the natural beauty of the surroundings. It’s the ideal location for a peaceful picnic with family or friends or a leisurely outdoor meal.

Community Engagement

Emery’s Blueberry Farm is actively involved in the neighborhood, hosting gatherings and activities that promote camaraderie and a love of agriculture. The farm is a focal point for community involvement, hosting everything from educational programs for schools to special events that mark the harvest season.

The farm actively supports neighborhood causes and organizations in addition to offering visitors a delightful experience, demonstrating its dedication to being a responsible and caring member of the community.


Emery’s Blueberry Farm is more than just a place to pick blueberries; it’s a vacation spot that typifies the joys of simple, uncomplicated pleasures and the spirit of summer. In this setting, where farming’s long traditions and the joy of picking berries collide, visitors are encouraged to take their time, appreciate the present, and re-connect with nature.

You’ll come to appreciate Emery’s Blueberry Farm’s enduring allure as you meander through the blueberry fields, led by the sound of rustling leaves and the allure of ripe berries. It is a location where the spirit of summer comes to life, where families make priceless memories, and where the taste of freshly picked blueberries serves as a reminder of the goodness present in the natural world.

Therefore, don’t pass up the opportunity to visit Emery’s Blueberry Farm if you ever find yourself in New Egypt, NJ, during blueberry season. It’s a sweet haven where you can take part in the magic of blueberry picking, savor the flavor of recently picked berries, and take in the splendor of the New Jersey countryside—a place where the straightforward pleasures of nature take center stage.

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